Futurespective Convivium100 Word Abstract

Imagine opening up our private living spaces to local gardeners and farmers and inventing new ways of producing food for our communities. Could we create systems that improve access to nutritional food while simultaneously decreasing food waste? As space becomes more valuable, is it possible to push the social boundaries of space as we transfer ownership of our resources from corporations and governments to the individuals who make up our communities to address issues like climate change? Can we expand our preconceived notions of private spaces and shift our culture from Me to We! Our future may depend on it.

Presented at the Design Inquiry Futurespective Convivium followed by a 20-minute discussion. The Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art & Design organized the exhibition. The prompt was to draft a 500-word paper on the topic of futurespective and then edit down to a 100-word abstract.

Prompt. Write a 500 word paper on the topic of futurespective and then edit down to a 100 word abstract.

“Futurespective demonstrates how our practices unfold in design and everywhere. These practices are as diverse as the Inquirers themselves: we draw, write, weave, and cook; we discuss, debate, and document. Through these practices, which are conceptual as well as material, we query the way design informs culture and culture informs design.”1

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