Installed for an undergraduate design course at BGSU. I chose to focus on the topic of deforestation. I wanted to create an almost graveyard of stories that would emotionally resonate with the viewer. The sound of a chainsaw cutting down trees can be heard in the background as the viewer approaches the scene.

Prompt. Design an interactive installation that addresses a social issue of your choice. A sound and print component is required.

Hallway Display
Hundreds of students and tourists visit the NOLS World Headquarters each year. The goal of the display was to share our story while welcoming new visitors to the organization. The display needed to be informative and engaging, LEED compliant, have a shelf life of 10 years, fit seamlessly into the current architecture of the building, and accommodate current employees who use the space.
Alisha BubeProcess. From sketches and mockups to the actual sourcing and installation of materials, we successfully created a display that visitors interact with and employees enjoy.

Slideshow of Images capturing the process

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Tree Tag
Gill Sans


For my undergraduate senior thesis / honors project I explored the connection between design, technology, and science. With extensive research and interviews, I created an on-campus, interactive experience. For a month, students were able to visit the campus trees and learn more about them.

Tree data and samples were collected from Bowling Green State University’s campus and archived in the school herbarium. This project improved the comprehension of scientific data while connecting people more intimately with the learning subject.