Lesson Plan 
GD217 | Typography
and Technology
Mock lesson plan
created for a
Graduate level
pedagogy course
(Fall 2020)
Offered in Fall only - Sophomore Year, prerequisite: GD 201. Introduction to typography concerning four primary systems: reading, form, language, and technology. Appropriate student-owned technology and software required. Graphic Design majors only, except with Department Head permission.

Textbook Requirements.
  • Brad Frost - Atomic Design
  • Ellen Lupton - Thinking with Type 

Introduction. Course work will focus on the formal characteristics and relational qualities of type when used across various touchpoints. Also, this course will explore the efficiencies and complexities involved in creating typographic systems. After conducting formal research (benchmarking, literature reviews, and/or interview(s)), students will work in teams of 3 or 4 to redesign a blog. The final deliverable should be a stylistically successful prototype that is responsive across mobile, tablet, and desktop interfaces and includes a comprehensive and typographic style guide.
Students will.
  1. Employ the relational qualities of type by creating responsive typographic systems while keeping their user’s needs in mind.
  2. Synthesize their final typographic system by applying rules and guidelines to their system and present these in the form of a comprehensive style guide.
  3. Recall key concepts covered in lectures through participation in group critiques, sketches, research, one-on-one sessions with the instructor, and written reflection.

Full lesson plan pdf <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vfLVvGutHRytU3swucmCipR2UGSfpjpl/view?usp=sharing>