NOLS UI & UX Redesign

In 2018, the creative team set out to improve the NOLS website in the following areas: mobile interfaces, loading times, design, scrolling length, content hierarchy, accessibility, and the communication / interaction between designers and the development team. We researched several tools and decided to use Sketch, InVision, and Abstract to complete this goal. Presented above are a couple of the products I helped art direct and develop from Jan. 2019-Aug. 2019.

The most challenging aspect of this project I took lead on was the process of creating a flexible, holistic, and accessible, typographic, and visual design system. This system has now been seamlessly implemented across the NOLS website. To view the entirety of the design system and its components visit the NOLS’ InVision design system management tool, Wind Pants.1
Stakeholders. Department Heads. Team. Kristen Lovelace, Nikole Wohlmacher, & Laura Griffee