What is Prototyping?
Classroom Workshop

45 min presentation / 45 min activity / 20-30 participants / groups of 5

Students will be able to:
  1. Explain in detail the process of prototyping while using specific examples.
  2. Apply rapid iterative testing and evaluation design research methods to their design process.
  3. List the benefits and constraints of using these methods in their design process.

What is Hacking Culture
and Open Access?

Classroom Workshop

30 min presentation / 2 hr facilitated discussion / 30  min activity / 10 participants

In 1968 Stewart Brand founded the Whole Earth Catalog. The goal was to centralize access to tools and assist the counterculture movement in their efforts to improve society. This presentation, discussion, and activity reviews the history behind hacking culture and the concept of open access and what they mean for the future of design.  

Graphic Design Workshop 
– Beyond Human

Digital Design Lab Workshop
for NCSU’s College of Design

Saturday, April 3, 2021 / 9:00 am to
4:00 pm / Grades 9-12 / 20 participants

In this graphic design workshop, students will gain basic design thinking skills as they experience the entire design process. From empathizing with their stakeholders to testing out practical solutions, they will discover a new way of thinking that is applicable beyond the world of design. Students will shift their point of view from a human-centric one to an eco-centric one and explore how humans might coexist alongside their animal counterparts.

Students will be asked to address an existing system between animals and humans in a given setting, and they will work in teams to design solutions that allow for a more harmonious existence for all. Groups will create and share a presentation to showcase and communicate their design ideas. In addition, participants will learn a variety of ideation and prototyping techniques that they can apply to future design projects. 

Hot Potato Hack (HPH)
– Project M, Greensboro, AL

Jumpstart Your Creativity!

15 min presentation / 45 min activity / any level / unlimited participants (depends on how many potatoes you have)

HPH better known as Hot Potato Hack is a game born out of Project M in Greensboro, Alabama. Designers focused on a potato to inspire new thinking. Players work together under specific time constraints, cycling through numerous scenarios to unlock ingenuity. After hacking potatoes with everyday objects, players developed a story around the potato. HPH can be used as creative blocks and bridge ingenuity gaps in any situation. 

Understanding Personas as
a Design Tool

In-Person or Remote Workshop for a Web Design for Visual Communication Undergraduate Course 

20 min presentation / 40 min activity / 15-20 participants / groups of 3-4

Students will be able to:
  1. Create the bare bones
    of creating a product persona.
  2. Identify and communicate similarities and patterns in the data by sorting through their own data.
  3. Get to know one another in the context of the visual communications program by uncovering shared attributes.

Futurespective + Typography
In-Person or Remote Workshop for a Typography II Undergraduate Course

8 min presentation / 50 min activity / 15-20 participants / groups of 3-4

Futurespective is the exercise of imagining different versions or faces of the future and placing oneself in that future and asking: how did we get here?

Students will be able to:
  1. Use and apply futurespective design thinking strategies.
  2. Work collectively to uncover and present potential futures.
  3. Learn to think on the fly and improvise given what they know about certain topics, and think towards the future.